BallerinaLearn to recognize when the most common five retained primitive reflexes are present for you or your child AND integrate them at home!

These reflexes can cause problems with learning, movement, immune system function, and many other areas of life if they are not integrated.  Reflexes covered include the Moro reflex, the spinal Galant reflex, the tonic labyrinthine reflex, and symmetrical tonic neck reflex, and the asymmetrical tonic neck reflex.

The program can be purchased as a 100+ page spiral-bound workbook where you can also track your progress and a DVD showing you how to recognize the retained reflexes, test for them, and integrate them at home or as an online, instant-access membership program.

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THIS PROGRAM IS FOR INDIVIDUAL USE ONLY – NOT FOR USE BY EDUCATORS OR OTHER PRACTITIONERS FOR MULTIPLE PARTICIPANTS!!! If you wish to learn more about using this program for those purposes, please email us at or click here for more information on our professional affiliate program.

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