Vision Therapy at Home is the first home vision therapy program that combines all of the elements needed for successful, long-lasting results:

  • Designed by Dr. Lori Mowbray, one of the most successful developmental optometrists in the country and modeled after her exceptional in-office vision therapy program;
  • Combines the essential components of foundational activities in open space with the most up to date computer programs.
  • Includes five workbooks, five DVDs, and one of the most effective computer vision therapy programs available at this time;
  • Or, get the workbook/DVD information on PDFs and streaming video through our online option;
  • Complete instructions on what activities to do at what time in the program and when to move on to other activities and tracking sheets to record your progress; and
  • All of the materials and equipment necessary to perform the vision therapy activities.
  • The Vision Therapy at Home workbooks/DVDs, online program, and computer program include:
    • Foundational Eye-Body Coordination Activities
    • Eye Movement Activities
    • Eye-Teaming and Focusing Activities
    • Visual Perceptual Activities
    • Visual Learning Activities
    • And, as a bonus, you get the Primitive Reflex Training at Home program at no charge!

Obtaining the Vision Therapy at Home program is easy!


Online program: Once you have joined as a online member, you will immediately receive access to Phase One of the program and the first set of equipment will be mailed to you.  Every ten weeks you will receive access to another phase of the program until you have received all five phases of the program.  The computer vision therapy access code will be emailed to you once you have received Phase Three of the program.


Workbooks/DVDs program: Once you have placed your order; you will receive the workbook, DVD, tracking sheets, and equipment necessary to perform Phase 1 of the Vision Therapy at Home program and a binder to store the phases of your program and your notes.  Approximately one week before the earliest point that you could have completed each phase of the program, the next phase will be mailed to you.  This is to ensure that you perform the Vision Therapy at Home program in the correct order so that you will get maximum results and retain these results.

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The Vision Therapy at Home Workbook/DVD  program is covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try to the program at no risk to you!   You will have thirty days from the time that each phase of the program is shipped to return it in good, re-saleable condition for a full refund on that phase of the program.  However, if you decide return a phase of the program, the subsequent phases will not be mailed to you as it is essential that the program be performed in the order it was designed with no phases left out.



Please be aware that this program is NOT INTENDED FOR THE PURPOSE OF IMPROVING EYESIGHT, GETTING RID OF YOUR GLASSES, OR ANY OTHER CLAIM INVOLVING THE IMPROVEMENT OF VISUAL ACUITY, DISTANCE OR NEAR. Please see the symptom checklist to understand the visual problems treated by this program.

The Vision Therapy at Home program is also not designed for use by individuals with the diagnosis of strabismus (lazy eye, eye turn, exotropia, esotropia, hypertropia, hyoptropia), amblyopia (lazy eye, one eye sees better than the other eye with best glasses or contact lens prescription), or individuals suffering from visual problems related to an acquired head injury (head trauma, stroke, etc.)  These diagnoses require individualized programs and should be seen by a developmental or behavioral optometrist.

Every individual should have a complete eye health evaluation before beginning any vision therapy program.  This program is in no way considered to be a substitute for a full eye examination by a licensed optometrist.




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