Symptom Results for Aaron

Condition T B F VP
Skip lines while reading or copying X X
Lose your place while reading or copying X X
Skip words while reading or copying X X
Substitute words while reading or copying X X X
Reread words or lines X X
Reverse letters, numbers or words X
Use a finger or marker to keep place while reading/writing X X
Read very slowly X X X
Poor reading comprehension, difficulty remembering what you’ve read X X X X
Headaches after intense visual activities such as reading or computer work X X X
Eyes hurt or feel tired after close work X X X
Unusually tired after completing a visual task X X X
Vision blurs at distance when looking up from near work X X
Crooked or poorly spaced writing X
Print moves or goes in and out of focus when reading X X
Poor spelling skills X
Letters or lines “run together” or words appear to “jump” when reading X X
Misalign letters or numbers X
Make errors when copying X X X X
Difficulty tracking moving objects X X
Clumsiness or poor coordination X X X X
Difficulty with eye‐hand coordination sports such as baseball X X X
Unable to make a picture in your mind while reading X
Poor word recall & recognition X
Uses fingers to count for math X
Does not know math facts automatically X
Difficulty following instructions (written or verbal) X
Unable to remember a series of tasks X
Below grade level on standardized tests X X X X
Feel sleepy while reading X X X
Dislike tasks requiring sustained concentration X X X X
Confuse right and left directions X
Restless when working at a desk X X X X
Losing awareness of surroundings when concentrating X X X X
You must feel things to “see” them X
Car sickness or motion sickness X X X
Totals 61 67 43 55
Maximum Possible 69 84 54 55

Aaron’s Score: 101

Based on the score, the following is recommended…

Immediate Treatment – Severe Condition


You can view Aaron’s report HERE.