Treating the root cause of learning struggles by correcting functional vision problems 

80% of classroom learning is related to functional vision.  So if your child is one of the ONE IN FOUR children who struggle with functional vision, you can bet that classroom learning is going to be a huge challenge.

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We could not keep up with the demand for our in-office program, so we launched Vision Therapy at Home

Now you can get the same high-caliber program at home that you’d get in a clinical setting.

Our mission is to make vision therapy accessible to as many people as possible.  We believe in what we do and have seen life-changing results time after time.  Vision Therapy is bigger than just our bricks and mortar clinic.  Change your child’s future with Vision Therapy at Home.


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People with perfect eyesight can have debilitating functional vision problems.

Eyesight and vision aren’t the same thing. Eyesight is how well your eyes see. Vision is how well your brain processes that information. Many functional vision problems are overlooked because people think it can’t apply to them.

That needs to end. Functional vision supports nearly every aspect of your life:

• Focus and attention
• Reading
• Writing
• Problem-solving
• Sports
• Coordination
• Homework
• Schoolwork
• Professional performance
• Behavior
• Relationships