Want more proof that this program changes lives?

We hear similar stories all the time…I know my child is smart but something is holding them back.  I’ve tried everything to help my child, but nothing seems to help them with school work.

VISION could be the key to your child’s success.

I am very pleased with the program.  My son is 10 years old and is currently in the 5th grade.  Over his 4th grade year, his reading was very bad as was his reading comprehension. His handwriting was pretty much illegible.

Also, before starting the program, my son hated reading. Now he enjoys reading books and visiting the school library.  His handwriting is fantastic!  I am very happy with the results so far.

William – Father of Jordan, age 10

This program is going well so far with my 10 year old son.  He has improved a LOT in his reading.  We really appreciate your program includes Primitive Reflexes!  That’s something we have been looking for and having it combined with the VT is a great blessing.

My son has made amazing progress using your program!

Thank you for your support.  We are seeing progress with our youngest son who is reading so much better since starting Vision Therapy at Home!

My son Kevin was really struggling with school and I had tried everything – tutoring, extra help at school, and OT – nothing seemed to help. It wasn’t until a friend recommended Vision Therapy at Home that I found the answer I was looking for.

Now after completing the program, Kevin is much more confident in his abilities, he is starting to excel at school, and we no longer have the nightly homework battles. I would definitely recommend the home vision therapy program! It was a commitment for our family but I am so glad we saw it through. It was worth every penny and moment we spent on it.

Thank you for giving me my child back!

Nicole – Mother of Kevin, age 8

The instructions provided with the program are very straightforward and we haven’t had any issues to date. Thank you for offering this to people who have very limited access to local VT programs. We greatly appreciate it!

My 9 year old daughter had great difficulty with reading.  She also had perfect vision so when a teacher mentioned vision therapy I wasn’t sold.  However, when I saw how slowly she was processing the letters, and and that her eyes weren’t working together as they should, I became more open minded.  The vision therapy programs near my home were too expensive for our family, so when I heard that there was a program we could do at home I felt encouraged.  I highly recommend it, and would say without a doubt it is worth the time and investment.  I am so thankful and pleased with your program.

Heather – Mother of Molly, age 9

The program is going great! I am using it with both my sons (age 15 and 10). It is amazing to begin a new exercise and see it is a big challenge to complete and within a couple of weeks see how much they improve. I’m very thankful this program is available. It has empowered me to help my boys on my own.