Convergence Insufficiency

Fancy name. Common problem.

Convergence insufficiency simply means that your eyes don’t work together properly when looking at something up close. One eye might “check out” while the other over-compensates, possibly creating double or blurred vision.

Convergence insufficiency is extremely common and often goes unnoticed—especially since many people can easily pass a standard eye exam in spite of having a real problem.


Remember: good eyesight does not equal good functional vision!

One root problem. Countless branches.

Convergence insufficiency causes children and adults to struggle with reading, work, school and more. People with convergence insufficiency are often mislabeled as learning disabled or misdiagnosed with ADHD or dyslexia. Symptoms like homework battles, being easily frustrated, avoiding reading, trouble focusing are just a few of the ways that convergence insufficiency shows up.

We can help.  And we transform lives.

If you suspect that you or your child might be struggling with convergence insufficiency, you’ve come to the right place. This might be the first you’ve heard of convergence insufficiency, but we’ve been successfully treating it for many years, with great results.

We’ve seen lives and families completely transform. We’ve seen the fights end. We’ve seen relationships rebuild. We’ve seen them get excited about school, about learning, and about the future.

We’ve witnessed children who were previously deemed troublesome, poor students, or unmotivated undergo vision therapy and rapidly rise to the top of their class.

Treat it today. Change your life forever.

Are you ready for the change of a lifetime?