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Many of the most common learning and behavior challenges stem from a functional vision problem.

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The Vision Therapy At Home Program is not more online learning. It’s 10% computer-based, and 90% exercises and activities that you can do anywhere.


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People with perfect eyesight can have debilitating functional vision problems.

Eyesight and vision aren’t the same thing. Eyesight is how well your eyes see. Vision is how well your brain processes that information. Many functional vision problems are overlooked because people think it can’t apply to them.

That needs to end. Functional vision supports nearly every aspect of your life:

• Focus and attention
• Reading
• Writing
• Problem-solving
• Sports
• Coordination
• Homework
• Schoolwork
• Professional performance
• Behavior
• Relationships

If you or your child are struggling in any of these areas, we urge you to get evaluated now. Hope is out there. Things can get better.