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Learning and behavior issues are often the result of foundational vision problems.  We Can Help.

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Vision Therapy uses specialized activities to teach the eyes and brain to work together for better overall performance.  The goal of vision therapy is to help gain efficient visual skills so that they can perform better in the classroom and daily life.


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Complete our course in the comfort of your own home – using our online portal.

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Access activities online in an easy to follow, step by step format.  Complete activities when it fits into your busy schedule.

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This is about so much more than reading the letters on the board. 

This is about overcoming or preventing a lifetime of struggles.

I would definitely recommend the Vision Therapy at Home program!  It was very easy to work with and easy to work into our schedule.

It was very convenient for people who don’t live near a vision therapy clinic.  Both of our girls have improved their grades as we progressed with the program and reading sheet music seems much easier for them as well.

Thank you!


Dad of Jenny & Marissa (age 7 & 12)

My 9 year old son had great difficulty with reading.  He also had perfect vision so when a teacher mentioned vision therapy I wasn’t sold.  However, when I saw how slowly he was processing the letters, and and that his eyes weren’t working together as they should, I became more open minded.

The vision therapy programs near my home were too expensive for our family, so when I heard that there was a program we could do at home I felt encouraged. I highly recommend it, and would say without a doubt it is worth the time and investment.  I am so thankful and pleased with your program.


Mom of Michael - age 9

I always had a hard time in school. Reading was hard and the words looked blurry and jumpy.  I just felt dumb.

After doing the Vision Therapy at Home program, I sit in the front row – where the good readers sit!  Everything is easier and my eyes don’t hurt anymore.

If I could give any advice to other kids I would say – Just do it!  It works!


Age 8

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